We can create named areas on the grid to put content into. To do this we first assign elements in our markup to a Grid Area, using the grid-area property.

We can then use the grid-template-areas property to describe where on the Grid these elements should sit.

Repeating the name of an area indicates that the area spans that grid track. Using a . or a sequence like .... indicates an empty track. Such as the very first cell on this grid.

Credit to gridbyexample.com for inspiring this example.

[fl_row] {
    grid-gap: 10px;
    grid-template-columns: 1fr  1fr  1fr;
    "....... header  header"
    "sidebar content content";
[fl_row] .header {
    grid-area: header;
[fl_row] .sidebar {
    grid-area: sidebar;
[fl_row] .content {
    grid-area: content;