Something I've seen my fellow builders request over and over is the ability to have more columns in Beaver Builder.

Their documentation states:

Note: You can have a maximum of 12 columns in a layer...

It also states:

Note: You can have a maximum of 4 child columns in a layer...

I've had many situations where this simply isn't enough! In the past, I've had to make do by creating Bootstrap grids using HTML, but this doesn't allow for dragging modules inside those column grids. So then I switched to using custom CSS classes and rules to turn a single BB column into multiple Flexbox columns. This method works great, but takes time to set up and can be confusing to someone who doesn't have extensive CSS knowledge. So that's why I created the Beaver Builder Flexbox plugin!!! It takes all of the CSS coding out of the equation and easily turns a single column into multiple responsive Flexbox Columns.

Two Main Advantages

I made this plugin to solve 2 issues I have with Beaver Builder.

More Columns

This is pretty self-explanatory. Since you can now turn a single Beaver Builder column/child column into multiple Flexbox columns, you'll get more columns! This is especially useful for child columns where we are normally limited to 4 per layer.

Check out this page to see what I mean.

Better Handling for Responsive Column Groups

I love how easy Beaver Builder makes it to have different settings for small and medium devices. However, there are certain situations where this doesn't work well for columns groups.

Check out this page to see what I mean.

Watch This Video to See Beaver Builder Flexbox in Action

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