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The Twitter All-In-One DMS section combines all four Twitter widgets:

User Timeline, Search, Favorites, & List.

This allows you to easily insert Twitter feeds into DMS site with ease. Miss the old TwitterBar? You can easily customize this section to replicate the look and feel of the now deprecated TwitterBar section. That’s just a small part of what the Twitter All-in-One section has to offer!


  • Display your most recent Twitter updates
  • View Photos posted on Twitter
  • Easily reply and retweet
  • Show off your favorite tweets!
  • Show tweets from a custom list
  • Displays search results in real time! Ideal for live events, broadcastings, conferences, TV Shows, or even just keeping up with the news
  • Customizable options such as number of tweets, size, position, & color scheme
Get it now!Because of the way Twitter’s new API is currently set up, a few extra steps are required for the Twitter All-In-One section to work in search mode. My hope is that these extra steps won’t be necessary in the future, but that depends entirely on Twitter. So for now, here’s the deal:

In addition to setting the Twitter Mode to “Search” and entering your “Search Query” (inside the PageLines Meta Settings), you will also need to set up and enter your own custom “data-widget-id.”

  1. Log into your Twitter account
  2. Go to
    • You can also navigate there manually by clicking on the following:
    • Click the icon on the top right and click “Settings”
    • On the left column, click “Widgets” then “Create New”
    • Click the Search tab
  3. Enter your Search Query and check any of the following three options you may want:
    • Only show top Tweets
    • Safe search mode
    • Auto-expand photos
  4. Click “Create Widget”
  5. It will generate some code for you to copy. All you need to do is copy the data-widget-id number (without the quotation marks) It will be a bunch of numbers like this: 345906657336913922
  6. Paste the ID number in the PageLines Meta Settings

Note: For options “Only show top Tweets” & “Auto-expand photos” if you want either of these, you must select them inside the widget generator. Choosing them inside the PageLines Meta Settings won’t work (This applies to Search Mode only)

If you want to change your search, you can go in and edit the Search widget and simply change the Search Criteria and save. The data-widget-id number will remain the same, so it will automatically be reflected on your site.

I know these steps are kind of a pain, but like I said, I believe Twitter will make some changes so that these steps won’t be required in the (hopefully near) future.


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