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Get it now!If you’re like me, your time is valuable. Luckily, DMS has a lot of cool shortcodes built in that save us time when building our sites.

Let’s say I wanted to add an accordion shortcode to my page, normally I would open a new tab, go to, go to the “Shortcodes” section, scroll down the page and find the sample code for the Accordion, copy the code, go back to my page, paste the code, and then configure the accordion to my liking. This process usually takes a minute or so, which isn’t too bad. After a couple dozen times of doing this while building my site, those minutes start to add up. Even though PageLines has great documentation when it comes to shortcodes, I’m always looking for ways to make things even quicker & easier.

That’s why I built Shortcode Quicktags. This plugin adds Quicktag buttons for every DMS shortcode, right in your HTML Text Editor. So now all I have to do is click a button and the shortcode will appear in the Text Editor. This is especially helpful for my clients who create their own pages/post and want to add DMS shortcodes.

Each Quicktag button will populate the same demo content that you see in the PageLines Docs. You can customize your Quicktags too, giving them a different color and hiding the ones you don’t need.

Shortcode Quicktags is very easy to use and configure. It’ll save you a lot of time. Even if it’s a minute at a time, it’ll add up quickly.


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